Customized tabs and a faster browsing experience


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Lynket (aka Chromer) is an app that lets you use Google Chrome's custom tabs from any app. This way, you get a lighter, faster, and more comfortable browsing experience.

In Lynket's settings, you can select the app as your default browser as well as customize the URL bar to your liking. You can change its color, choosing from more than twenty options, or have it change automatically depending on the website.

What makes Lynket stand out from other browsers is simple: it doesn't offer any distractions. It's a unique tab exclusively focused on the website you're visiting at the time. In addition, it sports an elegant design and provides a fast browsing experience. Last but not least, Lynket always uses the latest version of Chrome's rendering engine, which guarantees a safe environment for you to do all your browsing.
Lynket is a fantastic alternative for web browsing, that stands out due to its small size (barely over 1 MB) and its elegant interface.
By Erika Okumura

Requires Android 4.1 or higher